Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions cover your access and usage to the website.

Create Your Account

To start using the website, you must begin by creating your own account. You are required to provide your Legal name, Password, Cell Phone number (Optional) and a valid email address to complete the creation of your account.

Account Access

You must not share your password, username or other details of your account with others. Only you should access your account. Choosing to disregard these rules, Archithrones will not be held liable for any legal or other consequences.

Our Users

Archithrones users include licensed architects, architecture students, companies, universities and potential customers who can utilize our Platform and services to create their own portfolios. Designs of other architects can also be uploaded, viewed and perused on our webpages and Platform. Users can also provide constructive criticism and may independently comment on the uploaded contents they peruse in accordance with their own perspective.

Platform Features

Archithrones comprise a plethora of applications and webpages for our users. Architect Users can upload their designs and projects on our platform. Architects and students of architecture are encouraged to share their creative ideas, case studies, projects, imagery and designs with the public on our Planform.

Archithrones provides audio and video lectures platform where Licensed Architects are authorized to provide live or recorded lectures to our users, after negotiating their fees.

Account Security

You are in charge of maintaining the security of your account. In the event of hacking or any breach of security, you must notify Archithrones immediately and we will take the necessary steps to reinstate and restore the security of your account. Archithrones will not be held responsible for the damages or losses sustained from the security breach of your account.

Your Content Licensing

Once you provide your content to Archithrones for inclusion or incorporation purposes, you allow us transferable, royalty-free right and license to store and use your content for derivative work. These derivative works will involve minor changes such as translations to ensure that your content operates conveniently with our services.

For the limited purposes of protecting, improving and promoting our services, we can publicly display, communicate, distribute and publish user content.

Content Ownership

Compliance with our user Code of Conduct is a must.

Every content you post, upload or share on Archithrones is owned by you. The user content you publish through your account on our website includes codes, videos, audios, images, photos and texts. Transferring your content to be used by anyone else is not recommended.

Violating Code of Conduct

Compliance with our user Code of Conduct is a must. Archithrones follows a set of rules and policies pertaining to user conduct which must be followed strictly. Any violation of those rules can result in Archithrones taking necessary actions for cancelling or suspending your account. You are forbidden to exploit Archithrones for any unauthorized or illegal purposes. You are prohibited to violate any terms and conditions mandated by Archithrones. You are not allowed to use Archithrones to violate laws in your jurisdiction.

You are forbidden to upload or share content through your account on the website that is threatening, defamatory or hateful. Posting Harmful or Abusive material is not allowed.  Spreading content that is discriminatory ethnically, racially, religiously will not be tolerated. If you come across uploaded content that you find objectionable, you can lodge a complaint to Archithrones and allow us to determine whether that content violates our terms and conditions or not.

You must refrain from uploading any content that contains software viruses. The same goes for any other computer files, codes, and programs with the potential to damage, disturb, interrupt, limit or destroy the operational mechanism of any telecommunication, hardware or software paraphernalia.

Content that has the potential to infringe on any proprietary, copyright, trade secret, trademark or any other patent rights of another user is strictly prohibited and should not be uploaded. Similarly, any content that infringes on the legal rights of other users or entity that is libelous, slanderous, harassment or stalking will be removed from our website.

Usage of content that takes the identity of the other users will be considered as identity theft which violates Archithrones terms and conditions. You are encouraged to maintain transparency and not misrepresent yourself with a false identity. Doing so will result in limitations of your account functionality.

You will be held liable if any attempt to hack, modify or adapt Archithrones and take any action that implies that you are associated with Archithrones.

Transmission, posting or hosting of unsolicited spam messages, emails or SMS’s are also prohibited in our user terms.

Users must not behave or act in any manner that has fatalistic or any other negative effects on other Archithrones users. Any user that experiences such actions may directly notify us on our website.

Website Misuse

Breaching or bypassing our security measures or resorting to any measures that compromise our security will be considered a serious offense.

You are not allowed to perform scans, probes or any such tests on Archithrones applications in the hopes of finding any weakness in our system for exploitation purposes.

Do not resort to decompiling, taking apart or perpetuation of reverse engineering to damage Archithrones or access sensitive information such as the source code.

We only accept the usage of our publically backed systems, subjects and programs. Searching, accessing or creating accounts outside of that interface is not acceptable. These include measures such as crawling, spidering or scraping.

Do not engage in tampering, accessing or usage of parts or areas of the website where you are not invited to, or is only to be operated and shared by the website management. There are certain services that are not to be used by users and these limitations must be respected.

Sharing your password to another user or any other person can place you in a serious quandary. You are not permitted to use or steal any other user’s password or username to access our application. The user reserves the right to lodge a complaint against you for account restoration purposes. Using shared credentials for application access is also not permitted.

We urge you not to take any steps that force unnecessary, unreasonable or disproportionate load on the functionality of our infrastructure. You should not apply the same steps with respect to any of our third-party providers and contributors. Only Archithrones reserves the right to make the judgment as to what is acceptable or reasonable on our application.

Compliance with the Laws

Your usage of our services is subject to our regulations, rules and policies and sanctions which are all applicable to laws and regulations of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Fair Policy System

Archithrones reserves the right to deactivate, suspend or delete your account if you are found to be in contravention or violation of any of our policies.

While Archithrones entitles you the right to upload and publish a vast number of projects, content or images on our website, you are recommended to refrain from posting an unlimited amount of these designs or images on our application. Exhausting our infrastructure is unfair method of our website usage.

Neither your content nor your account should be utilized to receive or generate traffic through the utilization of electronic applications such as messages, spam links, other websites, and blogs. The same is the case for promoting your content through similar unsolicited procedures and techniques.

Our system is meant to be used in practical terms which is why it makes for a better option to publish your projects and designs at a reasonable scale on our Platform. If you deliberately ignore this policy and continue to upload limitless content in contravention of our policy, then Archithrones is entitled to take the required legal action against you and to protect our infrastructure and close your account promptly. The same action will be taken over the amount of your bandwidth usage.

Archithrones will not tolerate the incorporation of any content by its users that is spam or that perpetuates undesired or unethical commercialization. Attempting to use that commercial content manufactured to drive web traffic to other sites or increase their ranking on the search engine is a serious offense. Spoofing the content to deceive and cheat viewers or using it to advance other types of unlawful acts should be avoided.

Payment Methods

By consenting to Archithrones terms and conditions and using our services, you also agree to our payment methods. Archithrones charges 30% as fees on lecturers and sellers.

We only accept qualified and certified lecturers. Architect Lecturers are required to provide us with the required certifications to validate their professional occupations. Once the verification process is complete, they will be allowed to upload their respective lectures. Once they are granted permission to upload lectures, they can set their price.

PayPal's Marchant account is our gateway. Users can use online shopping cards for payment. If the lectures or items provided are for free, we do not charge them for their uploads.

Archithrones reserves the right to change their pricing for their services and application at any time. We will be sure to notify you in advance before the pricing changes take place. Our users reserve the right to reject such changes and withdraw or cancel the payment methods.

Upgrades or Downgrades

Upgrade of your account will depend on our rated basis. If you choose to downgrade your user services, it may result in the loss of your content capacity or the content of your account permanently.  Archithrones will not be held responsible for the loss of your account and will reject any relevant claims.

Account Cancellation

You can cancel, terminate or suspend your website account at any time at your choice. You must visit our webpage and contact our support services by email and request account cancellation. By continuing with the cancellation, you must also ensure that you cancel your subscription to our services and your Paypal subscription from which you receive your payment. Our support services will work to terminate your user content and delete your account through user content verification.


If you wish to demand a refund, you can do so by contacting Archithrones support services. We offer a 10-day money-back guarantee on our website. Beyond the due date, you are not allowed to request refunds or downgrade refunds. The same goes for attempting to upgrade your refunds. Archithrones may, at its absolute discretion, make an exception for certain cases upon the user’s request on emergency grounds specifically.


If you resort to contacting your credit card company or bank in an attempt to reverse the charges or decline any payable fees to us or chargeback, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account instantly. You are to follow the following protocols and our consent to pursue such chargeback. Please contact our customer support services and you can utilize the Platform to ask any questions you may have regarding your payment. We have the right to reject, dispute or accept your Chargeback. You can only file the Chargeback through the permission of Archithrones. Ignoring this protocol is grounds for us to take action against your account.

Third-Party Sites

The third-party services you use are mostly linked to third-party sites and their applications. You are allowed to access any third-party site of your choice, but you should also take into account that we do not control or influence these sites. Archithrones functions independently from the other sites it promotes, therefore you should keep in mind that you use these various sites at your own risk. Hence, we are not liable or responsible for your usage of any third party sites.

You must also keep in mind that apart from their separate terms and conditions, all the third-party sites on our Platform have their separate purchasing methods. You will be subject to different payment or refund policies should you use their Platforms. These sites reserve the right to determine how they will make their payments to you and which services are refundable or non-refundable.  You can avail the purchasing system of these sites on their payment terms and condition links or contact their customer support system. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the verification of your cancelling, purchasing, obtaining or refunding abilities in a third party service or site. Archithrones has no influence on such matters and operates independently from its services. We also do not provide refunds for the usage of third party services.

Third-Party Services

Archithrones is in collaboration with multiple third-party services. Its integration with these third-party services is comprised of sites as well as Applications. These third-party services will provide you with their respective products and contents which you can avail through Archithrones. The content made available to you will include email services, marketplaces and domains to allow you communicate with potential vendors and customers. This will allow you to expand your material across the digital Platforms online. It is important for you to note that these third-party services operate with respect to their separate set of terms and conditions. You will have to gather information on those policies before using their services and Platforms. Archithrones does not control nor does it govern the terms and policies of any third-party services it cooperates with. We will not be held liable for your interaction with the third-party services or any monetary relationship you establish with them. All your transactions pertaining to third-party sites and application is strictly between you and them. You cannot ask for support or assistance from Archithrones in these matters. We will also not be held responsible with issues pertaining to your account security when you operate using third party services. Your account security is your own responsibility. You can only ask for assistance from the specific third party services you are operating your account in.

User Content

The User Content available on Archithrones is vast and as such it cannot review and has not reviewed all of the materials, images, content and designs uploaded on its Platform. Therefore, Archithrones shall not be held liable for the use of and effects of such content. However, this should not be taken as the perception or even implication that Archithrones endorses or supports such objectionable content or imagery published on its Platform. It should also be noted that Archithrones does not subscribe to or confirm the accuracy, harmfulness or usefulness of the posted material.

You are solely responsible for undertaking the necessary preventive steps and precautions to protect your account as well as your computing system from any harm or damage.  You will need to secure your computer from the invasive worms, viruses, hacking and other types of destructive content. You may come across objectionable content on our Platform that causes offence, indecency, errors, typo mistakes, and technical inaccuracies. Our website may also contain content and material that violates our policy of infringement of publicity or privacy rights. Content that violates proprietary rights of third-party services or the intellectual property may also be present. The copying, usage and downloading of our private content may also be among the content on our site. Archithrones rejects any involvement with such content and do not claim responsibility for the damage or harm it causes the users and visitors on our Platform. If you find such objectionable material on the Archithrones, we encourage you to immediately notify our support services or send a compliant through our email so that we may investigate and take the necessary action of removing such harmful material with due diligence. We appreciate such cooperation and are committed to remaining as transparent as possible within our Platform.

Other Restrictions

Archithrones website does not allow the selling or display of services or digital products that violate any laws, regulations, statute or ordinance within any jurisdiction.

Some of these include the attempt to pursue transactions involving certain content or imagery which involve the following. 

  • Images that promote, encourage, instruct, facilitates or directs others to engage in activities in violation of the law or any other illegal activity for that matter.
  • Steroids, Narcotics, any products or substances that pose a risk to the safety of consumers, users or visitors.
  • Drug Paraphernalia regardless of their legal status
  • Spreading hate speech involving race, religion, incitement to violence or supporting strategies pertaining to financial crimes.
  • Obscene materials or Items regardless of whether they cause harm or not.
  • Goods that are stolen or have been obtained through theft which can be virtual or digital.
  • Sexually explicit or suggestive services or material.
  • Images that violate or infringes upon any right of privacy or publicity, copyright, proprietary rights, trademark laws of any jurisdiction.
  • Weaponry such as knives or daggers regulated under applicable law.
  • Firearms, Ammunition, Firearm accessories and other certain parts.
  • Displays private and personal information related to third-party services in violation of applicable law.
  • Purchasing or association of purchases of Lottery contracts, annuities, offshore banking, lay-away systems, refinance debts or transactions to finance.
  • Imagery or Display of certain items and products prior to the control or possession of the seller of the items or products.
  • Promote or Support of Ponzi or Pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing programs, matric programs and other “get rich quick” schemes.
  • Promotes or involves check-cashing businesses, currency exchanges
  • Collecting Payment on behalf of merchants or other third parties.
  • Sale of traveler’s checks or money orders.
  • Involve the display of products, material, items or services rendered by government and law enforcement agencies to be fraudulent, illicit or illegal.
  • Cigarettes.


Our Rights

Archithrones exercises certain rights pertaining strictly to our services. We reserve these rights which we may use at any given time at our absolute discretion. In certain cases, we may exercise these rights without notice or liability to you.

  • We reserve the right to suspend, terminate or delete any account. We can deny the usage or access of our Platform and services to any users or individuals for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to remove users' content be it a design, image or any other published material. Archithrones will solely determine whether the published material violates or not their terms and conditions or if the content is objectionable or harmful in any way. Archithrones decision must be respected in this regard.
  • We reserve the right to modify our payment methods of fees or any services offered through our Platform.
  • We reserve the right to change, modify or discontinue parts of our application or the application in its entirety especially in cases of a serious threat.
  • Archithrones shall not be held liable to any third party or users or any changes they undertake ranging from price changes, suspensions, modifications or discontinuance of the Website.


Archithrones welcomes any feedback from its users. The feedback may include suggestions and ideas for improving our Platform. However, you must agree to our terms that we can adapt your feedback and use it without being answerable to you. We have no obligation or restriction to you including when this agreement is cancelled.

Ownership Disputes

In some cases, an account site or a content’s ownership may be disputed between two or more parties. These partiers may range from employees to businesses or even web designers and their clients. Archithrones tries not to get involved in these disputes and focuses on resolving them effective immediately. That said, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to determine the rightful owner of the account or site without notice at any given time. Once we make that determination, we will automatically transfer that account or site to that rightful owner. If we cannot make that determination correctly or if we cannot come to the decision of the rightful owner pertaining to the site, then we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the account or site without delay. We will exempt taking such steps should the two disputing parties come to an agreement or a resolution. In order to facilitate the process of rightful ownership verification, we will have to request documentation such as credit card invoices, business licenses or government-issued photo ID to identify the correct owner. The best way to avoid such a lengthy process, is that the two parties engage amicable negotiations and find an amicable solution, otherwise we will intervene regardless of whether the parties accept it or not.

Archithrones Intellectual Property

  • Archithrones or services, logos, graphics are registered trademarks of our website. Your usage of our application gives you no rights to reproduce or license any of our trademarks. We as Archithrones will have a sole right to upload our own designs on the store for sale. Buyers are not allowed to upload our designs on other websites and offer them for sale.


Archithrones reserves the right to terminate your account or limit access to any part of your account on its application at any time. The termination will be conducted with or without notice. If you violate this agreement, this is also grounds for the termination of your account.

Your account is also subject to termination should Archithrones resort to a shutdown of its services and application.  If you prefer to cancel your Archithrones account or this agreement entirely, you can present to us an account termination request through email. Termination of your user account can easily be avoided should you follow all the terms and conditions of the website.

Limited Liability

With respect to jurisdictions law, the directors, employees, officers, subsidiaries, and affiliates will not be held liable for any accusations or claims resulting from terms and conditions of the application for:

  • Any loss related to revenue, data, profits and other goodwill losses.
  • Any form of special, exemplary, indirect, consequential or punitive damages.
  • Any damages pertaining to the corruption, loss or depletion of any data or content.
  • Any damages pertaining to either your use of or access or inability to use or access Archithrones. The inability of usage may include modification, cessation, interruption or limitation.
  • Any third party site or services accessed through the Application.
  • Any third party sites or services accessing the Application.
  • Any user content, especially a third party using the website to spread defamatory, unlawful or offensive conduct.


By agreeing to Archithrones terms and conditions, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless its services and its employees, officers, resellers, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates and successors against any or all of the third-party threats including liabilities, lawsuits, demands, penalties, damages, expenses and costs. These indemnifications may be required based on the following conditions:

  • Any minimal or total breach by you of the enforced representations, warranties and obligations in accordance with the User Agreements.
  • Any minimal or total misappropriation or infringement of the intellectual property rights of any third party by any user account.
  • Any violation of regulation or law from your service use.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement comprises of the complete agreements between Archithrones and you regarding the scope of this agreement. Following through on this agreement replaces and supersedes any other prior agreements. The same goes for the terms and conditions related to the content of this agreement. There are no third-party beneficiary rights involving this agreement.

Governing Law

This agreement and Archithrones provided services are subject to the laws and regulations of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan including all of its jurisdictions. Our services are governed in all respects by the regulations operating within the country. If any claim or suit is brought to us regarding the nature of the agreement, it shall be directed to the nearest jurisdiction of the country.


Non-enforcement or failure to enforce a specific provision of this agreement should not be mistaken as a waiver. We will ensure to enforce such a provision in the future. Even if a certain provision of this agreement is not enforced, the other provisions will continue to be in effect. We will also ensure that the unenforceable provision is replaced with another enforced term thereby magnifying our full intention to maintain all our agreement provisions. You are not permitted to assign your rights, few or otherwise, under the agreement. Any attempt to do so will be invalid. The only entities that will be assigned our rights under this agreement are our subsidiaries and affiliates. It can also expand to a potential successor as long as he serves in the interests of a business that associates with our services.