Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy is crucial. This Privacy Policy pertains to and includes the content and services provided by Archithrones. Our Privacy Policy manages identifiable information of our users. Once you register on our site, we collect information from you. You are required to Log in to your account whenever opening our site.

We may ask for verification of email and Cell Phone numbers again to confirm your authenticity. You are recommended to log off before closing our webpage. We collect your personal information for improving customer service, improving our website and personalizing your experience.

We enforce effective security policies to protect your account and maintain its safety. We have a strict policy of not disclosing any of your personal information to outside parties.

We may collect some information about users from computers or the service you use. The privacy policy guides you on how we use the personal information of users and it can be used for architecture services. The information that you give us voluntarily while requesting for the information, we as the ensures complete security of that information. While collecting the data, we focus to gather the technical information for various statistical purposes as this might take help from the hosting server. Not only this, but there is also Internet Protocol (IP) that helps to address the accurate connection of the user’s system. The method of to collect data also includes the examination of a browser plugin, operating system, zone settings, and browser types. The collection of personal information is interrelated to the sharing option of users as which system, version, and type of operating system are used by the user.

Collected information

Personal information – First and the most important information we may ask for is personal information. This includes the name of the user, contact information, interest, occupation, and other affiliation information. ensures not to collect any personal information without the user’s concern. After collecting personal information, the user gets an opportunity to process and avail the information provided by our websites. deals with five types of users such as licensed architects, Students of architecture, Companies, Universities, and Costumers. Our website collects information from each user so that they can easily avail of our services.

Anonymous Information –Our website may also collect the information via unidentified users that we call as anonymous information. This type of data is gathered by traffic data with the help of cookies and other secure domains of websites. This may include the IP addresses and browser history of the anonymous user. The website may identify the numeric codes of the unidentified user and permit to store data automatically. It is common for websites to collect anonymous information juts by interacting with the websites. The information of anonymous is collected easily via browser information, IP address, domain site, and reference site. Whenever any unidentified user visits the website, can easily detect its traffic pattern. For the collection of information, the site usage rate and reference site domain help to disclose the user’s identity. The act to collect the information helps our website to improve the experience of the users and to enhance the website services. In the condition when the user wants to access our collection of architecture images, one must show agreement to the term and condition of After accepting the Term and Condition, you are allowed to accept the cookie and can access our website. 

Use information - Our website is asked for all the same information as mentioned above. The user needs to give all the required information as mentioned in the section of personal information.

Information usage

We, value your information and ensure its security. We may utilize the user’s information in several ways as we consider the information while sending the newsletter. Not only this, but our website also uses the information of users to respond against any query. This further helps to maintain the record of the users. We further may use the information to update you via email so that you can catch the latest updates easily.

Disclosure of information

We prefer not to disclose the information of users unless it is necessary for the services of For managing the operation of our website, we involve a third parties to help us promote our services. In this case, third parties are allowed to have access to our user’s information. This helps to include all users with the new path of services and keep them aware of the updates. Along with this, there might be a chance to include the government authorities with the disclosure of information. There may be a chance to disclose the information according to the requirement of law, or else meeting the compliance of security.

Our website only discloses information when there is a reason to do so. This may be the risk of interference to the property, misconduct of the laws of websites, any hint of harmful activity and any injury to the rights of the website. Other than this, has no interest to disclose the information of users, whether of any category.

Other than this, some other parties may have access to the user’s information. This may include Group Companies, Our suppliers and service providers, and third parties. Our website may share information with group companies to get easy access to facilities. The disclosure of information to other groups may help us to complement our products and services efficiently. Additionally, we may also share the information with service providers to increase the contractors’ services. With this, the subcontractors may allow displaying images of architecture projects directly to the users on our behalf. There is the involvement of third parties like hosting and email management, administrative services, and marketing agencies to satisfy the users with required services. That is why; we disclose the users’ information whenever it is required. is responsive enough to keep all the information safe and restrict third parties to misuse the information. We have specific instructions for third parties to use the provided information by which to ensure the security of the data is possible.

There is the involvement of third parties who help to provide the images of architecture projects, notes, and case studies. In this way, it is necessary to share some information with those parties. The collaboration of third parties helps our website to bring a variety of services to enhance the satisfaction level of users. Thus, when the user shows a willingness to acquire the service of products from them, the relevant party (third party) may ask for your details to proceed with the services. But don’t worry about the security aspect, as our website is the main controller of all the information. It is a requirement for all users to read the privacy policy.

Especially for the users of, we transfer the personal information to data portability as you can say the structured data. This means that our website transfers the data in a structured manner so that it ensures the accurate connectivity of the data. Plus, our websites provide you with the complete information of the data transfer system by which your data is allowed to transfer lawfully.   

Consideration of security

 The most imperative aspect to consider is security. Therefore, takes required to measure and all reasonable actions to secure the protection of the website. The aim of security directs to ensure the integrity of all users and make all the information accessible for all. Our website gives the guarantee for all users that personal information will be safe or secure. Plus, we do not have any liability or improper disclosure aspect to reflect the error in the privacy policy.

We have strict measures to ensure the security of the information as there is no chance to lose any data or information. put all the data under appropriate security measures so that the chance to prevent the data got increased.

Storage of personal information

It is not an easy task to regulate the website as there is a high-security concern related to this task. For storing the information of users, we prefer to use encryption software and advance technologies. These considerations ensure the safety or protection of the data and allow maintaining strict parameters for data access. The advance software helps to restrict unauthorized parties to disclose the data as high-security standards provide complete prevention. Additionally, we do not allow any party to transfer the data from one country to another, whereby our website accepts the laws of Jordan to protect the privacy of users. In this way, our website ensures to take standard measures to ensure security practices, as well as ensure the privacy concerns to be protected with the help of privacy rights. What we can do includes imposing the obligations of the party who attempt to violate the laws and security standards. Plus, our website follows the adequate protection measures with all reserved privacy rights. keeps the protection of personal information as long as necessary. We further ensure to fulfill the purposes of data collection that can successfully satisfy the legal, reporting and accounting standards.  Our website also considers the retention period of all users, this is how we secure the nature of data and manage with the sensitivity of the information. The utilization of protected software helps our website to protect from any kind of potential risk or harm. We considered applicable legal and authorized requirements to regulate the services, meanwhile, the selection of authorized sources help our website to secure the information. 

Data security

Our website considers the prevention of data as a fundamental aspect to deal with. The theme to show commitment towards data security is one of the highlighted factors to ensure the accuracy of the website. For reducing unauthorized access to information, prefers to set the electronic and physical procedures of the data collection. This particular service is available for all users to ensure the security criteria. Our website implements the security software that helps to monitor the authorized network and contributes to identifying the error.

To ensure the security or safety of the website, there is an option of ‘Login’ by which any user can be a part of our services in a protected manner. Moreover, we save all the data in our databases by which it can be accessed when needed. Even, all the records of the users are each to access via an online Platform and also highlight an option to modify the information.   


We mainly focus to offer services reliably. If you are unaware of the term ‘cookies’, this may help to get some understanding. The delivery of services on the internet sometimes involves mobile phones and computers to deliver information. Meanwhile, these files or data in the form of small files are known as cookies. Many users consider cookies as the harmful file for the system but it’s not true. Cookies can’t harm the system in any way, but even help to improve the services of the system. With the help of cookies as the pieces of information, it is possible to improve the services of the website.

Our website avails the number of benefits via cookies including the recognition of devices. This increases the chance to detect duplicate information to ensure security practices. The cookies also help to identify the access rate of people by which the traffic of webpages can be easily calculated. Another benefit of the cookies includes measuring the access rate of people related to any specific page. considers cookies for the identification of repeated information where cookies cannot be used to verify any personal identification. This is the user’s choice to block or restrict the cookies from the website. This can be done by simply visiting the browser settings. Under this, there is an option of ‘help function’ from where you can get all the necessary information.

Some specific cookies used by include;

Account related cookies – this can be used to manage the overall process of ‘Signup’. This relates to the account settings as its function depends on the users’ operation to sign up. These account-related cookies will be deleted while logging out. Herein, these cookies are preferred to detect while the user is active on the website.

Login related cookies – Another type of cookies used by our website is the login related cookies. These cookies are used when the user is logged to visit the page. With the help of these cookies, users prevent logging in again and again for the same. In such a case to delete the login related cookies, then the user is required to log in manually. Same as the account related cookies, these particular cookies are cleared or removed when you logout.

Forms related to cookies - also deals with forms related cookies. These cookies are downloaded when users submit the data through the online form; this may be in the form of the comment form, any contact page, or any survey. The theme of these cookies is to make you remember the details in the future.

Email related cookies – There may be a chance for users to subscribe to the email services after visiting the website page of In this circumstance, the email related cookies make you recall whether you are already subscribed or not. You may have certain notification pop-up on the screen that you are invalid to subscribe once again. This all can be done via email related cookies. These specific cookies are only valid for subscribed or unsubscribed users.

Analytics cookies – You can call these cookies as the special as these cookies support the third party services. The analytical cookies include the Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics. These cookies are helpful to track the activity of users. These cookies are supposed to be an analytical solution to improve the experience of users. Added to this, these cookies help to calculate the spending time to calculate the users’ detail. With the help of analytics cookies, the time spent by the user on the website can be calculated.       

Changes knows the importance of advancement and found it essential to change with time. Our website found it beneficial to keep the system up-to-date with technological advancement. That is why legal development and advancement allows the website to change the policies and process to regulate. An increased awareness highlighted the basic use of this website if any case of changes. reserves all the right to add, change, and modify the theme of the website by late altering the terms and conditions of the website. Even, the website can change the policies at any time as so modify it.

Any modification or addition in the term and condition of the website has been done by considering the users’ acceptance where this is not the strict aspect.

General information

It is strictly illegal for any user to transfer any information, rights, or obligation against the term and condition of the website. As discussed in the Term and condition, there is a specific set of instructions that need to be followed by every user. In any case to a breach of privacy standard, will entitle to terminate the subscription of the user, even without notice. reserve the right to cancel the assigning of any users at any time, if found breaching security or privacy standard. Furthermore, to find any invalid act that may be harming the authority will also be lead towards termination.

Any act of user-directed to harm the validity of the website will be simply entitled to an invalid account. Our website will not tolerate any kind of unenforceability or invalidity so that it ensures the safety of accurate and safe terms of condition.  

Governing Law

Our websites stand with legal importance by following the governing law of Jordan as the website is regulating in the respective region. The development of Terms and Conditions is according to the governing law of Jordan. An implementation of Jordan jurisdiction is considered by all third parties and exclusively associated with the courts of Jordan.


 Enhanced care has been taken to verify the validity of the contents. We will not be held responsible for the repercussions involving the usage of the contents of The owners of the website are fundamentally accountable for the external content of the website. Archithrones does not affirm possession of any of the images exhibited on our website unless we state our ownership to it. If any posted pictures are found to be violating copyright laws, please contact our services immediately. We will work to remove the affronting image.

Our website offers you the external link disclaimer to strengthen the link with web pages and provide an opportunity to experience links with the external web. With the help of these external links, it will be easy for data to attract the attention of customers. The availability of an external link disclaimer depends on the convenience factor of users. There is no need for constitute and endorsement for the because of the external link disclaimer. All the services (images of architecture work) and case studies of users can be presented on the site, and allow to create the link with external sites. Our website does not support any kind of sponsorship.

We facilitate users by the number of advance applications that may be associated with a third-party system. Our website prefers to deal with different privacy policies to collect information and data to ensure the protection of the data. Meanwhile, our website is completely independent of any privacy of third party websites so we are free from all sorts of cookies, data collection themes, and privacy practices. In other words, is not responsible for any of the security issues related to the privacy of the third-party sites.

All the images posted on the website have copyrights related to their owners. Our website neither claims any sort of ownership to the pictures of users nor allow anyone to violate the property rights. In case of any violation or intellectual issue, takes strict action against the entity. On our website, there are some images taken from the web or related to the public domain where all are associated with copyright.

All the images and services offered by us comply with the Jordan regulation so that there is no space to violate the compliance of the copyright Act set by the governance. The images and material uploaded on the websites are purely for education, comment, criticism, and reporting.

The material posted to our website “” is posted as per the copyright compliance of Jordan to support the educational purposes as mentioned above, adding commercial knowledge, and enhance the discussion forums.