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Welcome to the world's first social network for architects.

At, we enable all architects to promote themselves, their work, and connect with their peers around the world..

Our Story

After finding an increased need for architects to cooperate and connect online, we are proud to present the fully-featured social network,

Archithrones platform connects people in the field of architecture. It's simple, professional and easy to use.

Our Values

"I do not think architecture is only about shelter, it should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think!"

Zaha Hadid


It is time to showcase your art

Upload your architectural designs, case studies and your own online courses to share with and inspire others on our community network.

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Learn something new every day and unleash your creativity by watching our diverse online courses

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Architects and employers need a community to connect them all together; Archithrones is here to make it happen!

Our Mission

World's best architects, best architectural designs are all to be found in a single place, just a few clicks away from you!


Our Team

Abdullah Nawaf                Abeer Nawaf               Hasan Hamza

Architect, Founder of Archithrones                Developer, Co-Founder                          Engineer, Co-founder

Wea'am Fraig                    Malak Jaradat

Architect, Collaborator                                      Architect, Collaborator