The 3D Effect Villa

Posted On: 20 Apr 2021
  • Residential
  • 350 SQM
  • Riyadh
  • Autocad, Sketchup, Enscape, 3D Max, Photoshop
  • Modern

The main concept of this design is to achieve simplicity along with dynamic feeling of the exterior facades. also to integrate nature with interior design.

The three storey building consists of Gf, 1st , roof floor and a landscape area in the backyard. The building outline is rotated in an angle of 45 degrees off the original plot orientation. this orientation would provide many advantages in design such as avoiding sun direct light, increasing outdoor views and increasing privacy. The ground floor consist of two main axis going around a central area where nature is implemented in the interior design. One big tree inside the house would create an amazing experience ( Client says ). Ground floor plan was meant to be an open plan , all functions have access toward other functions. double volume is used to increase the feeling of open plan idea. As the building is facing two streets, the backyard was a good solution to create a nice landscape design in order to integrate nature with interior design, main living room is facing the landscape with glazed walls and an axis to landscape area. One of the challenges I faced while designing this villa was the angles created by the new orientation, functions proportions took along time to fit together. The real challenge though was the exterior design! as big masses were overlapping, they created a feeling of bulkness. In order to deal with bulkness, minimum details and materials should be implemented, main color scheme consists of off-white and grey tones. windows are deigned to give the feeling of infinity. Apart from that, the dynamic facade was a good solution to avoid bulkness. I was inspired by the 3D effect glasses which include RGB colors Red, Green and Blue. if you look at a 3D image, you would see red and blue are shifted, which creates a feeling of illusion. the same idea was implemented in the main facades. RGB colors are replaced with CNC metal sheets, ( Red ) Concrete finish ( Green ) and off-white color ( Blue ). the metal sheets and off-white color are shifted. in addition to that, the CNC metal sheets include a local patter used in breeze blocks. which increases the dynamic feeling while keeping the local idintity.